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Hi. We would love to hear your feedback about our site and our mission: Encouraging others through words and actions. And what nicer action can there be than giving a gift of inspiration to someone you care about.
So tell us what you think and we'll show our appreciation with 10% off your first order - now or in the future.

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For several years now, Blessed By Your Words has quietly been lifting the spirits of it's customers and those fortunate enough to be the recipient of a BBYW personalized gift. We have been known for our commitment to customer satisfaction and heart felt, uplifting gifts.

It is with purpose and a heart for healing and encouraging others that drives Sunae and BBYW to grow as they are today.

For more information about the products and services we provide, reach out today.

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We are about more than selling great gifts that inspire others.  We are about inpiring and lifting each other up everyday of our lives. Just like no one knows what your are going through, neither do you know what they are. So the best thing for all of us to remember is that we all need each other. If you have put a few years under your belt, you know that no man (woman) is an island. None of us can be happy trying to do it all alone. We need to give and receive the love and encouragement of others.

Gift Creation Consultation

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