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Quotable Cuff

Quotable Cuff

Cuffs engraved with inspirational messages that remind you of what is important each time you look at them. Negative self talk can get to the best of us now and then. "message bracelets" or Quotable cuffs made of pewter (by Whitney Howard Designs), can help you stay positive. Look through the pictures and see if any resonate with you. Keep an eye out for new ones as they come. (If you want something original, we will make it 'talk your talk' - See Talk 2Me Cuffs)


    I want you to be completely satisfied. I will text you a photo of product for you approval. Item will not be shipped without your approval.

    Gifts are checked and wrapped for protection. If there is a problem with the item such as scratches or other damage when you recieve your gift, please contact me so that we can make arrangements for correction.

    Other than such damage, items can not be returned after you have approved.

  • Additional Order Info

    This is not a "press order, pay and wait for your delivery" kind of business. For the most part, all of our gifts are personalized and as such require us to engage, to one degree or another, to get you the perfect gift you desire. Words are powerful lifters (or crushers) of our spirits, so I want your words to say what you want them to say.

    My relationship with my customers is very important to me. That includes getting your gift to you as quickly as possible. Once I recieve all necessary information (including photos), I aim to complete orders and ship them within 7-10 days. Remember your approval of the item is necessary before shipping.

    Though special attention to getting it just right goes into every Words Worth Reading gift, the price noted here does not reflect any EXTRA special attention you may desire (such as extra photos or pages in a book, embellihments, etc...) but there will be no surprise charges. I will let you know if anything will be extra before you decide what you would like.

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