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Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

Did you want to hear the exclusive offer?
Well you're in the right place.


25% off all personalized books!

Each book contains a love letter from you, an "About the Star" page and your little one's name, friends and hometown sprinkled throughout the story. This makes the story all about them. They are the star. Give them something they will love to read over and over during these summer months. Why not buy more than one. At this price...why wouldn't you!    $22.50

Regular Price $30.00


If you just joined our Blessing Tribe, then a 25% off coupon is on it's way to your inbox. Welcome & thank you for adding your name and email to our mailing list. Please look around and engage. There is more in store for you!

If Not Books, Then 25% off of our "Talk 2 Me" Cuffs (Bracelets)

In Pewter, Brass, Copper or Silver. Let us know what you want it to say, and you've got it. Short phrases work best. So, say something special to someone (or to your self)  that your wrist won't let you forget.

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