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It's Your Legacy

It's Your Legacy

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Grandparent's Day!
There should be a
Celebration of grandparents EVERYDAY
Yeah! Let's Go Back to School
We have books in spanish.
Tenemos libros in espanol.

Welcome to Blessed By Your Words
where you can find out what "Legacy" is all about AND how to share & preserve your own.
Our "Legacy Collection" of gifts is a series of very special items that tell our life stories, so they can be treasured for many lifetimes.
Whether you are a senior yourself or the loved one of a senior, we have something to meet your story telling needs.
It includes:
​The narrative or story Blessing Book,
The Q & A Blessing Book
The Legacy Love Letter
...and so much more.

Coming soon:
Gifts, information and classes on Self Care.

We are all about the love and care we have for ourselves and those around us and we all know that you can't give... 
out of an empty well.

Also find:
The most personalized of personalized expressions of love & support.

Use the power of you words to encourage, empower and inspire.

We can create the perfect gift for you.



Everyday should be Grandparents Day!

Playing Basketball

So you've been introduced. Get to know us better on the next pages

But first.... a game quiz & a prize!

Take Our Quiz & Win A Prize or 2.
What was the last personalized gift you bought?
Who was this gift purchsed for?
How did they respond to such a thoughtful gift?
If you could get 50% who would you buy for? (Now which is the right random answer?)
Thank you for taking our quiz. Even you don't win, here is a little somthing for your trouble.

Use Code QUIZ15% for 15% off any one gift

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