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Who are we? What can we do for you?

Updated: Aug 18

It would appear that I am a one woman show. And for the most part I guess I am. But I do have a virtual Business Team. I have a business advisor in Helen. More of a sounding board I guess. She also does some unofficial marketing by buying and showing off her personal purchases and when admired by friends giving a good sales pitch. Not to mention that she buys many of her birthday and encouragement gifts from BBYW.

Then there's Adjoni, my sometime technical support and referral maker (for Message Jewelry) among his young friends. Ymonni is my once in a blue moon file clerk. Cookie, the I-Know-Everybody social butterfly, is an unofficial sales woman for the company. So I am not totally and completely alone in this venture. And I am not the only BOSS here, God is my CEO.

We believe in the Power of our Words to bless and our Love to Lift. We live in a world where love, kindness and encouragement are often in short supply. So we create personalized gifts. Ultra personalized gifts.

Jewelry that says what you need to say (to yourself and others).

Message Mugs that enable that morning cup of tea or coffee to remind someone how special they are to you.

Beautiful signs to decorate you home or office and encourage/inspire you at the same time.

Books for our aging loved ones to tell their story and leave their legacy.

Books for our little ones to encourage reading and build self esteem by making them the star of the story. At the same time, you are leaving your love for them in between the covers of that book to be remembered in years to come.

Framed word gifts made to be displayed and re-read over and over again. The perfect gift to inspire, encourage, uplift and empower - for any and every occasion.

All of these, created to meet your specialized and personalized gift needs. You may not always be able to find the right words or gift to give. We most certainly can help.

I am also a stress management and self care coach. Not only is the Power of our Words important to speak and share with others, it's of paramount importance that we learn to speak over and encourage ourselves. And as we speak into our own lives, we learn from within what we need to become our best, or at least better, selves.

So I share, and am learning more to share knowledge and ideas that lend themselves to growing us mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I am not the body guru, but I will also be sharing those general body-related things that affect our regular self care needs (movement, sleep, fresh air, hydration, healthy foods...).

My ministry, business and purpose (at least one of) is to be an encourager. It has been in my spirit for most of my life and to be a care giver all of my life. So Blessed By Your Words is the manifestation of all the realities of me that have been surrounding and filling me for some 60 plus years now.

So I am here to lift you (or someone you love) up, whether through gifts or a prayer or a word of encouragement or a bit of knowledge you might apply to be empowered. Reach out by SMS, chat, phone or email and I will respond as soon as I can.

I ask one more thing. As I pray for you (all those who follow and are customers), please pray for Blessed By Your Words. That we will flourish and grow and be empowered to do much more than make money. But to make a difference.

Be Blessed,

Stay safe

Rev. Sunae

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