The Purpose of Powerful Words

Hi everyone. Welcome to the new and improved Words Worth Reading web presence. So new and improved that it has an (almost) new name... “Blessed By Your Words”. Until now, it was part of our tag line.

Those who know me know I'm all about the words and the power they have in and over our lives. I am not a master in the art of speaking or wordsmithing. I am not a motivational speaker...yet. I actually grew up in this world about as shy as shy could be and I still trip over my own tongue at times (oftentimes). But regardless to how well I enunciate every word, I know that it is the saying of the RIGHT words that is of utmost importance.

Why? Because our words can build up or tear down those in our circle of influence. Our mates, our parents, our children, our friends, our students, our co-workers, our church family and the list goes on and on. Sometimes they are not even people we really know. Just people we happen to meet.