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Hands Up if You Want to Give UP...sometimes

Still in the "getting your business off the ground stage....

Little or no money coming in from it...

Not gaining an audience yet....

And then there's Covid 19 on the up sweep....

And total chaos in the government....

What - the - ****

And then let me tell what happened yesterday.!

I don't get out too often these days but when I do I try to enjoy it. It's my nature to be nice to others and one way that happens is I give others the right away....even if I should have it. I wave cars on to make a turn or change lanes, when I definitely don't have to. I hold doors open when I could be inside (or outside) already.. I even stopped letting it bother me when people I give MY right of way--- give no acknowledgement in return.

So yesterday, I ignored it the first few times. Then, in the supermarket, I moved my cart over so that a man with no cart could quickly make his way through. Mind you I was already coming through. And his response...he just glared at me. "Wow!"

Another lady, with her cart blocking the isle, and going against the arrows, stood longingly over the salad dressings. I waited for a minute or so giving her time to make her selection. She looked at me and put her hand on her cart, not to move it but to secure it. Then back to starring at the salad dressings. When I then said excuse me, she acted as if I had done something wrong. And then the cashier became annoyed because I didn't want the shrimp that appeared to be on sale but was not.

And then.... no let me stop.

Remember that song....It's like a jungle sometimes, it makes me I keep from going under. That is just what life seems like sometimes. Some folk are quick to judge and say, "you see how THEY act. You see what THEY do. And they do so without thinking about what THEY themselves do to set many situations into motion.

With all that we go through each day, as I mention at the start of this story, it is a struggle. But you don't know what the next person is going through and it may actually be a heavier load that yours. And yes race can, and often times does, come into play in these judgement calls. In each incident I shared, the unkind, uncaring or without good upbringing or just entitled feeling person I interacted with was not of my race. This political climate has brought the worse in people out. And it's sad because we are all just trying to make, brown, red, yellow or white.

But really it's more than race or color. Or gender, or sexual preference or political affiliation or religious belief. It's becoming more of a "core" problem for some of us. There is so much to deal with, that people are too overwhelmed to deal with much more than ME and MINE. Even those we expect to really care like, those in our church or even our own home, sometimes cant. Not the way they should. And in the current state of the world, that is the Covid 19 state of the world...we need to SHOW we care more about others and they need to SHOW they care more about us. I said SHOW because if I care and keep it to myself, it doesn't do you any good when you're hurting and in need of that care and concern. God didn't put us here to take up space. We each have a God given purpose that helps to uplift the whole human race.

What part do you play and what do you do to keep from going under? I lean on and trust in God. After I've done all I can do, I trust Him with the rest. What do you do?

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