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The Full Story

Our mission is simple to understand, We live in a world where the populace is so wrapped up in surviving, making it and becoming successful that we have lost contact with ourselves & each other. Our audience, Our tribe, Our ideal customers are women 50, 60, 70 and even 80 & 90 y/o.

As such, YOUR MISSION, should you choose to accept it, is to take care of you! 

Our MISSION at BBYW is to help us to slow down, acknowledge the joy and beauty God has placed all around us and in us, to experience peace as a result, and do what's needed to love & take proper care of ourselves. In doing so we can have the spirit & energy, along with our God-given wisdom to show & tell others, to teach, and to truly be examples of what loving self & others really looks like. 

We want to provide the resources, encouragement, fellowship, teaching and tools to help make that happen.

Live Well. Age Well. Love Well


Loving Ourselves

At Blessed By Your Words (BBYW), we know the demands of living, as the years move past us.

  • We want to walk with you and together learn to live well & age well & love well.

  • As Leading Ladies (ladies who have led full lives caring for others) and

  • Legacy Ladies (ladies still making our mark, sharing our stories and preserving life, love & lessons for generations to come)

  • we have come to realize the importance of caring for ourselves. (If we don't, who will?)

  • We have so much more to give, and no one can pour from an empty pitcher.

BBYW is here to encourage, inspire, empower and uplift you and help you do the same for yourself.

We carry self-care gifts to give yourself as well as growth and fellowship experiences for us

Divine Divas, Sexy Seniors & Life Living Ladies.

Come join us!

  • BBYW was born out of a calling to use the power of our words (& deeds) to impact those around us.

  • We believe life AND death is in the power of our tongue. That we can impact those in our circle of influence FOR BETTER OR WORSE by the way we interact with them.

  • A look at family dynamics & we see the proof of our words & actions on those we love.

  • "Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me" is a lie.

BBYW began by making gifts that talk. Gifts that express what a simple throw away card, never can and a generic gift was never meant to.

  • We are available for workshops (The Power of the Tongue, The Power of Love)

  • and "Kindness Counts" Online Events.

The world needs a lot more love.

Join us so we can spread it together!

  • 2nd Calling: To help seniors share their life stories, lessons and blessing.

  •  We worked with Heritage Makers, a DIY book making company, creating books for nursing home registrants & some individuals as well.

  • Now as part of BBYW. We coach and help you create Blessing Books, Legacy Love Letters, and other forms of family legacy items.

To inform seniors of the importance of sharing their stories and preserving them in a format that can passed down to future generation,

  • we  facilitate a program call "Every Grandparent's Got a Story (EGGS), usually in senior facilities and centers.

  • We also provide legacy workshops in churches and the community.

How can we help you tell your story or that of someone you love?

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