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Welcome to Blessed By Your Words
where you will find the most personalized
of personalized gifts. There's our Everyday Collection for any and every occasion. Our Kente Touch for folks of color who want to add the power of their "roots" to the power of their words. And then we have "Signature Selebrations by Sunae" (not a misspelling), a smatering of hand-crafted creations from my own whimsy or as special order "make me something different" gifts.

Don't forget 'to remember' our Vets who made it out, our Dads and this year's Graduates. We can make something special for them all!

to our Grads!


Love on those who

fought and
lived to tell about it!

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But first.... a game quiz & a prize!

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How did they respond to such a thoughtful gift?
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