Blessed By Your Words
Express Your Power 2 Bless through Your Words!
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Welcome and thank you for visiting our personalized gift web-store where you can design a personalized gift for just about every occasion in just a couple of minutes!

If you've ever received a personalized gift, then you already know the excitement and appreciation that is a part of giving someone a thoughtful gift that was selected and personalized especially for them.

And speaking of thoughtfulness. Our "BLESSING BOOKS" are created with the mature adult in mind (though they can be created as a tribute to or for anyone). These books give a glimpse into our lives, our hopes, our dreams, our faith and our love. They leave our lessons learned, our words of wisdom and our prayers and blessings for our coming generations. These can not be created on the site, but contact us and we'll get your "Blessing Book" in your hands in less time than you might think. See sample under "Other Gifts".

We hope you enjoy shopping on our website. But most of all we hope you touch someone else with a thoughtfully selected personalized gift designed by you!

And Remember: Words Without Heart Are Not Worth Writing... or Reading.

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